Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beautiful Agony Dailymotion

Di spari, di morti, di bombe. Di terra, di freedom, of extraordinary strength.

did the farmer by trade for 35 years, was called Shaban Mohammed Shaker Karmoot, born in 1964. At one time on his land in Beit Hannoun growing olive trees, palm trees and lemon trees, then one night came the Israeli tanks and have them eradicated. They have broken through a wall of his house, they demolished the house next door davanti ai suoi occhi. Aveva 12 figli, nonostante quello che gli era successo aveva piantato nuove verdure ed alberi e si recava a coltivare la sua terra tutti i giorni, arrivava al campo alle sei e mezzo del mattino e tornava a casa alle quattro e mezzo del pomeriggio. Anche il 10 gennaio ci è andato, però non è tornato a casa perché gli hanno sparato: un colpo al collo, uno al petto ed uno all'addome. C'era l'intento di uccidere da parte di chi sparava, e Shaban è morto. È morto nella sua terra, coltivandola come faceva da 35 anni. Le forze di occupazione non sono riuscite ad incatenarlo con la paura degli spari e delle incursioni, e per impedirgli di coltivare hanno dovuto sparargli.

Il 4 Gennaio four Israeli bulldozers entered the area near the border near Khuza'a, in the south of the strip, protected by nine tanks, two Apache helicopters, two F-16s and several drones. They destroyed 50 dunums of land and at least 13 families have had to temporarily leave their homes. But later they returned to their homes, despite the bullet holes on some walls.
"They make these raids and pe r frighten us and send us away from our house. They want to convince us that there will be another war and it takes away from our homes so you can do whatever they want without hindrance and without witnesses. But we will not leave our homes, this is our land and we will stay here until we can. "(Shatha Abu Rjela)

This new war, however, seems sadly close: the two incidents described above I'm just a clear example of how an escalation in violence in Israel. In December, Israeli Prime Minister Silvan Shalom said that Tel Aviv should "respond and respond with all our strength" when the Palestinian resistance fighters would stop launching their homemade rockets.

According to Ilan Pappe, historian and intellectual origins of the Israeli who emigrated to England: "There is an intention to bring down the Strip and its people once again, but with more brutality and for a shorter period of time. [...] The scenario for the next round is unfolding before our eyes and looks so depressing at the same position in the process of deterioration that preceded the massacre in Gaza two years ago, daily bombings on the Gaza Strip and a policy that attempts to provoke Hamas in order to justify a higher number of attacks. [...] It's time for all those who have made their voices heard with strength and power in Gaza after the massacre two years ago to make you feel right now, and try to prevent the next. "

Khuza'a Every day you hear gunshots coming from the control tower, and every day or so Israeli soldiers shooting at peasants and shepherds near the border, causing serious injury if not death of the worker concerned. Several times a day, the drones, F-16s and Apaches flying in the sky, and these, when not discharging bombs, carry with them a load of dark memories and fear. The life of these men, women and children, is resistance. It is a cry that will not be under the yoke of occupation. It is an example of extraordinary strength. And it's time for those who claim to love freedom, to compromise. To prevent the next war, but more importantly to support queste persone nella loro quotidiana resistenza.

In effetti tutto ciò di cui ho parlato ha a che fare con la libertà e non con la ricchezza. Non è un problema di elemosina, il punto non è che questa gente ha bisogno di aiuti materiali. Il problema è politico. Rivedo gli occhi fermi, decisi, quasi severi di Taragi, madre di 5 ragazze, con il marito in carcere e la casa ad un chilometro dal confine: “L'esercito israeliano ha invaso le terre che coltivavamo e le ha rese aride, ma non vogliamo aiuti economici per questo. Non vogliamo assistenza psicologica per i traumi causati dai soldati israeliani, dai loro bulldozer, dai loro proiettili, dai loro carri armati, dai loro Apaches, F16 e droni. We do not want it 'money will' psychologists. We want the Israeli soldiers leave. We want not to be afraid of their shots. We want to live in our land. We want to be free. "


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